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You can't sing happy birthday in public without a license.  Thats why in restaurants they always sing some off shoot version of it.  Your not even supposed to sing it with a group of people without paying for a music license from the creator.  Your Braking the law.

 So how do we get around this, since it costs so much for a license.  

CREATIVE Commons laws.  This puts music up under  a different license then Copyright laws.  You can listen Distribute and even remix Audio just by crediting the author.  

 So if you a business and would like to play some background music, the licensing isfrom 3 main groups, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, they hold the licensing for all the soungs we listen to on the radio.  Artists are given a cut of the money as it is played in public.  Its not even fair to the Artists the way they decide what music gets played more then others.  



So To FIX THIS..  CREATIVE COMMONS LAWS.  The Pirate BAY mostly Copyright material.  But these sources will let you publicly display information for free.


Check out     For letting people watch Movies and clips for FREE!!!

 For Free music.  Look For Creative Commons that support this.  There are filters on the site.  They also offer a streaming music station for a Fee, that is very reasonable.  Even for the smallest EVENT!  Download it for free, share it with your FRIENDS! Its what the creators want.  And of course help them out with some money if you can. 


Public Domain.  

most government images are created with tax dollars. Thus the images are Everyone, you paid for htem.   But check out   For public Domain Free music and footage.  They do the research for you.



Creative commons music and video has been used by NBC,ABC, Discovery Channel, Travel channel, many, and independent film makers.  Many many.  You can also use the Music in Youtube for FREE!


remix, adapt, credit the creators. donate.  A new change in copyright in our digital world needed to exist and it does.    

So You have a campground or an event, or business, now you can play music!!! and for free or under $100 a year you can get streaming music of


Royalty Free.  not a problem check out creative commons, or Public Domain.   


Hope this helps Everyone 





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